MageGuiden Brand Identity

Viatris is creating a website – MageGuiden, with a significant impact that provides education for women aged 50 and above who are experiencing gastrointestinal issues.

MageGuiden Brand Identity


While not posing a risk to life, gastrointestinal problems can have a considerable impact on the well-being of elderly individuals. Familiarising oneself with these issues can enable better self-care.

MageGuiden Brand Identity

Viatris reached out to our services to develop the website and brand identity for Mageguiden, a distinguished platform catering to women aged 50 and over who are encountering gastrointestinal issues. Mageguiden offers top-notch products and remedies specifically tailored to address the digestive concerns of mature women while also providing informative articles and updates to educate its audience.

Our idea was to improve the website’s user interface and user experience. We examined the website’s visual appearance, logo, and branding. The resulting updates were educational and guidance for women to overcome their challenges more efficiently.

Our team developed a robust website and established a distinctive brand identity, complete with a brand book. The client was pleased with the results, as they helped to increase the visibility of Mageguiden and commended us for our creative work.

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