NovoNordisk National Sales Meet 2018

In 2018, Novo Nordisk organised a National Sales Meet to bring together the sales team to celebrate the remarkable growth in sales for the year 2017. The objective of the meeting was to empower the sales force to set goals and continuously adapt to the ever-evolving market dynamics for the next year.

NovoNordisk National Sales Meet 2018

Accelerating Growth and Impact Together – NSM 2018

Novo Nordisk wanted to create video-based content for the large screen for NSM 2018, which would motivate the sales team and collaboratively strive towards a common objective commemorating the milestone of “100 crore” for the Ryzodeg brand.

NovoNordisk National Sales Meet 2018

Novo Nordisk approached us to create a series of videos to celebrate the diverse product range and the “100 crore” milestone of Ryzodeg. The client requested that we create different videos for the logo reveal, award ceremony, 100 crore achievement, and so on. This event was held to boost and inspire the sales team while providing updates on the upcoming goals and targets for the next year and fostering new market insights about the products. 

We created a series of videos based on the “Transformers” theme. The sales team was invited to the event through a “curtain raiser” video, which utilised the regional languages of India for an elegant invitation. The logo of the event highlighted the transformative role of Novo Nordisk’s devices in diabetes management. We conceptualised the “N-Power Awards” video, wherein awards were given for their stellar performances, thus empowering the sales team for their efforts. A “100 crore” milestone video for the Ryzodeg brand was also conceptualised and executed in an effective manner. ​

We successfully created a series of videos that showcased the purpose of the NSM India Meet 2018 by Novo Nordisk. The entire event was conceptualised around the “Transformers” theme, which powered the sales team to set ambitious sales targets for the next year by fostering new market insights about the devices. It was effective in motivating the sales team and achieving the necessary aim of the videos. ​

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