Sitagliptin Visual Identity

Sitagliptin/Mylan and Sitagliptin+Metformin/Mylan are both classified as DPP-4 inhibitors, promising effective management of the condition.

Sitagliptin Visual Identity


With the entry into the Diabetes therapeutic space, Viatris wants to create visual aids and posters to raise awareness about Sitagliptin/Mylan & Sitagliptin+Metformin/Mylan among healthcare professionals.

Sitagliptin Visual Identity

Viatris is committed to providing high-quality medicines that healthcare professionals trust as they enter the diabetic therapeutic area. As part of this mission, the Viatris team has approached us to create visual aids and posters that effectively communicate and raise awareness about Sitagliptin/Mylan & Sitagliptin+Metformin/Mylan among HCPs.

Reflecting on the theme of "lasting value for your diabetic patient," our creative approach showcased an elderly individual with diabetes riding a bicycle down the road. The sugar cubes forming on the road represent the direct symbolism of diabetes, acting as an obstruction in the person's life. We have strategically incorporated brand colours across different elements, resulting in a cohesive and impactful visual identity. The zipper on the road in our key visual directly represents the product, reflecting its ability to clear the way and reduce high blood sugar levels. By doing so, the product significantly improves the quality of life for patients with diabetes. 

By incorporating effective elements into our creative, we successfully highlighted the improved quality of life that the product offers to patients with type 2 diabetes. Our visual identity garnered significant attention from healthcare professionals. The visuals had powerful messaging and striking imagery. It ended up being a highly impactful and memorable campaign that effectively communicated the benefits of the product. 

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