Plantaben Social Media Campaign

Occasional constipation is a common occurrence among people. However, some people also suffer from chronic constipation that can cause major interference in regular daily activities.

Plantaben Social Media Campaign


Plantaben is a natural remedy for people suffering from constipation. We strategised a content plan and created a social media strategy to enhance brand awareness, build a community through engagement, and increase conversion.

Plantaben Social Media Campaign

Plantaben is a natural relief for people who struggle with constipation for many reasons. It is 85% natural fibre and works by absorbing fluid and swelling in the intestines, creating softer, bulkier stools that are easier to pass. Plantaben moved to a full OTC consumer strategy, and the client's request was to develop a social media strategy, content plan and creative elements that would increase brand awareness, build community and drive conversion.

To diversify the content targeting the consumer profile: Pregnancy and Postpartum, after surgery, with low fibre diet, haemorrhoids, irritable intestine syndrome, anyone with constipation, after the natural remedies (exercise and change in diet), a creative strategy was developed which makes the targeted audience remind about a product like Plantaben for their immediate solution. We ideated a strategy targeting adults and children above the age of 6, considering A.E.I.O.U as an acronym and looking at ideas that could help to generate relevant, simple, and engaging content rather than complicating with too many objectives that might distract the brand PLANTABEN. A stand for asking the question, E stands for expression which is associated with the hashtag #plantabenbreakthestigma, I stand for Interactive, O stand for objective, and U stand for Utility. 

Our team of creative experts brainstormed the design ideas that impact the viewers' ability to receive important messages about the brand Plantaben through the artwork. The team tried their best to communicate through engaging visual messages in a way that the viewers could understand what the brand was trying to get across. 

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