Reparil Aktiv Packaging

Reparil Aktiv is a hot cream formulated with Methyl Salicylate, Menthol, and Eugenol, offering effective pain relief and soothing properties. It provides comfort for sore muscles and joints.

Reparil Aktiv Packaging

Reparil Aktiv: Quick Solution for Active Recovery

Meda Pharma (Thailand) Co., Ltd. approached us to develop a packaging identity for Reparil Aktiv, a new addition to their product line. The objective was to create a design that would evoke brand recognition and effectively differentiate Reparil Aktiv from Reparil Gel N (cool gel).

Reparil Aktiv Packaging

The requirement was to develop a packaging design that would remind consumers of the Reparil brand while clearly communicating the distinction between Reparil Gel N and Reparil Aktiv, emphasising the hot cream formulation. The aim was to meet marketing objectives by distinctively communicating the product’s personality and function leading to generating sales. 

Our idea was to incorporate visual elements that symbolise the concept of heat and energy, utilising a dynamic design featuring a human body in a running or energetic pose. The aim was to catch the consumer's attention and convey the active and revitalising properties of Reparil Aktiv that clearly convey the purpose, function, and benefits of it.

The resulting packaging identity for Reparil Aktiv received positive feedback from the client. The design effectively conveyed the intended message, making consumers recall the Reparil brand and clearly understand the difference between Reparil Gel N and Reparil Aktiv. The marketing outcome of the product was also achieved by generating increased sales. 

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