Skepper Calendar

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Skepper Calendar


We demonstrated our skills by designing a calendar and a folding mailer for ourselves.

Skepper Calendar

We love our clients. We cannot thank them enough. Not only do we express our gratitude through words, but we also live by them. It is our annual tradition to send thank you greetings to our clients. However, this year however, we took on the challenge of creating something beautiful—something from our hearts to theirs—something memorable.

We designed and articulated a calendar showcasing our logo, with the easel as the primary design element. Merging the concept of twelve major cities of India along with the easel, our concept resonates with our pride to bring diversity to every desk. Each design demonstrates the highlights of every city that our team members hail from and what they feel is most significant about their own city. As a creative marketing agency, we vividly expressed the emotions of each city through our designs and creativity—mostly colourfully.

The Skepper calendar brought us closer to our customers as it was able to strike an emotional chord. It helped them to get to know our team more personally- to be able to understand where every team member hails from. We received appreciation for our creativity from our clients, and many expressed their complete satisfaction for collaborating with us. 

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