Olmedipin Visual Identity

Olmedipin Plus is a medication that is used for the management of hypertension, a prevalent health condition for which individuals seek a potent medication to reduce their blood pressure.

Olmedipin Visual Identity


Our focus was on creating a key visual that effectively highlighted how Olmesartan, Amlodipine, and HCP Hydrochlorothiazide work together to reduce hypertension with a triple impact.

Olmedipin Visual Identity

Olmedipin Plus is a medication used for the treatment of hypertension. The problem was to showcase the triple action of Olmedipin with the three components in the medicine, namely Olmesartan, Amlodipine and HCP Hydrochlorothiazide. 

We created a visual identity and attractive key visuals that talk about the triple impact of Olmedipin. The medicine comprises Olmesartan, amlodipine and HCP Hydrochlorothiazide, which helps the medicine to effect faster. 

This key visual helped the brand to communicate the effects of the medicine in a convincing way. This key visual helped the client to reach out to their audience in a visually appealing way to speak about the benefits of Olmedipin Plus in reducing hypertension and saving lives. 

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