Syntocinon Web Application

Syntocinon Web Application emerged as a pivotal solution in optimising participant registration for SAMVAAD, a platform fostering dialogue among medical professionals specialising in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Tailored to enhance the user experience, this web application streamlined the process of participant onboarding and engagement.

Syntocinon Web Application


The Syntocinon Web Application revolutionised the participant registration experience. Its user-friendly interface ensured a swift and comprehensive registration process, capturing essential details while fostering seamless information storage and retrieval.

Syntocinon Web Application

The intricate challenge revolved around efficiently collecting and tracking participant information, a crucial prerequisite for fostering collaborations in the field. The existing systems fell short of providing a streamlined and effective solution. Hence, Viatris approached us to develop the Syntocinon web application.

Our strategic approach aimed at designing an intuitive registration process backed by robust backend systems. We envisioned a solution that not only addressed the immediate need for the Syntocinon web application but also laid the groundwork for future collaborations through SAMVAAD.

Within a mere two days, Viatris witnessed remarkable success with the Syntocinon Web Application, surpassing expectations by efficiently collecting data from over 800 participants. This not only met the initial problem head-on but also established a foundation for prospective collaborations, showcasing the application's prowess in rapid and effective participant enrollment.​

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