Viatris Connect Video

Viatris, a global leader in the pharma industry, wanted our help to launch Viatris Connect, a website that offers personalized content for HCPs.

Viatris Connect Video

Viatris, a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry, reached out to us to help them design a video to go alongside their website launch for the Middle Eastern market. The website to be launched would help them establish themselves as a major player in the pharmaceutical industry in the Middle Eastern market, as such, they requested of us a high-quality video to go alongside it. The site to be launched was Viatris Connect, a dedicated platform offering personalized content for HCPs

After much brainstorming on the concepts for the video, the designers were able to create a storyboard which was liked by the client and post approval, we were able to create the video, which met all of the criterion that the client had put forward in their brief

In it, we were able to portray the benefits that the website would bring to its users, as well as to raise awareness of the content that would be provided to its users. When submitted to the client, the feedback we received from them was overwhelmingly positive.

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