Planet Viatris Campaign

Viatris is a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry with the aim to lead the world in living a healthy lifestyle.

Planet Viatris Campaign


Our team of designers came together and brought to life ideas about the flight as well as the boarding pass that we had come up with their 3D renders.

Planet Viatris Campaign

Viatris, a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry with aims to lead the world in living a healthy lifestyle reached out to us to help them design various components of a new initiative that they had come up with. The initiative called Planet Viatris would reimagine the tedious process of travelling to work as employees moving to a new planet, called Viatris. We were to help design various elements of this campaign for them 

Our team at Skepper came together to brainstorm for such a big project and finally decided upon the design aspects as well as what components were we to design to help the client out with their initiative. We ended up deciding upon designing a company passport as well as a boarding pass that the employees would have to take with them when boarding the flight to Planet Viatris, and finally an in-flight magazine that would help keep the employees entertained while they are in transit towards this planet. 

Our team of designers then came together and brought all of our ideas to life with their 3D renders. When we submitted these renders to the client, the feedback we received was overwhelming 

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