Allergodil EDA

Allergodil Nasal Spray is a symptomatic treatment of rhinitis which is an allergic reaction that causes nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, and itching. It leads to irritation and swelling of the mucous membrane in the nose.

Allergodil EDA


We created an interactive e-detailer to be showcased throughout Veeva Vault and other platforms to enable the client to publish content about the medication.

Allergodil EDA

Allergodil nasal spray is a drug from the group of antihistamines. This spray works by blocking the effects of histamine and therefore relieves the symptoms of an allergy. The client approached us to create an interactive e-detailer that will be showcased throughout Veeva Vault and other platforms. This will help the client to publish content about Allergodil.

Adhering to the past interactive pdf provided by the client (not supported in iPad) we created an interactive e-detailer that was visually appealing and easy to navigate for doctors and HCP’s.

With Allergodil e-detailer created in ewizard the client could now experience seamless communication about the product with various doctors and HCP’s. They could do this using CLM/CRM systems, Android and iOS devices for automated presentations publishing to the required platform. The e-detailer is easy to use with dynamic navigation along with top-notch interactivity.

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