Ensure Plus Packaging

Ensure Plus is a complete and balanced nutrition product that provides concentrated calories and protein to help consumers gain or maintain a healthy weight.

Ensure Plus Packaging

Nourishment Towards a Healthier Weight

Abbott approached our team of creators to develop a packaging identity for Ensure Plus, a nutritional drink specifically designed for patients who need to gain weight.

Ensure Plus Packaging

Abbott approached us with a requirement to create a packaging identity that effectively conveyed the benefits of Ensure Plus, specifically to patients who need to gain weight. This design will be further adapted to different SKUs: bottles, sachets, boxes, etc.

Our expert team of creators brainstormed and designed multiple packaging options for Ensure Plus. We aimed to create designs that were both alluring and informative, showcasing the product's nutritional value and its ability to support weight gain.

We successfully developed a packaging design for Ensure Plus that effectively conveyed the product's benefits. The final design successfully portrayed Ensure Plus as a reliable and enticing choice for individuals seeking to gain or maintain a healthy weight.

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