House Of Happiness Teaser Video

In the Middle East Diabetes is becoming a common problem and we were asked to create a teaser video for their new diabetic campaign named house of happiness.

House Of Happiness Teaser Video

Diabetes is a disease that occurs when your blood glucose, also called blood sugar, is too high. Viatris in the Middle East decided to bring about awareness of the seriousness of Diabetes and how the patients can prevent from falling further into it.

The client in Middle East wanted us to work on a teaser video for House of Happiness. This video was to be showcased on their social media platform. In this video they wanted us to make a teaser creating excitement towards their campaign.

Our team of experts created a short video where a house of happiness was introduced. One could ring the bell and enter this house. The video ended with coming soon! The idea was to show that inside this house, diabetic patients could feel safe, tell their stories and interact with one another. A good work on editing the video went into this, and the client loved the way we approached the project.

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